The Carino's Foundation

April 19, 2012

DeeAnn Hooper
Schulenburg, Texas

Dee Ann Hooper is a mother who has not only faced the challenge of raising two boys diagnosed with autism, but she tragically lost one of her boys to a brief, unrelated illness in 2011. Jack was just shy of his 10th birthday. Jack's parents wanted to do something to honor the life of their son, and the Turtle Wing Foundation was born. 

Having two children with autism is a challenge even in the best of circumstances. Following Jack's diagnosis, DeeAnn and her husband, Chris, quickly learned that their challenge was made more difficult because the resources they needed were hard to come by in their rural community. Following the unexpected loss of her son, DeeAnn founded Turtle Wing to help families just like hers. Not only to help the families affected by autism, but all families with special needs who find limited resources in their smaller communities. Whether it's a child with ADHD, dyslexia, Aspergers or Down Syndrome, or even a child who just needs extra help in math, Turtle Wing aims to make the resources required to address their needs more accessible.

Turtle Wing's first fundraising event is a 5k Fun Run and a Home Run Derby on April 28th. Learn more about Jack, DeeAnn and the mission of Turtle Wing in the touching video "Jack's Story".  

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