The Carino's Foundation

April 03, 2012

To kick-off our Carino's Autism Champions, we start with someone who has devoted his life to improving the lives of all people affected by autism.  

Dr. James Ball, Chair, Autism Society's Board of Directors

Dr. James Ball, Board Certified Behavior Analyst-Doctoral, is President/CEO of JB Autism Consulting. He has been in the field of autism for over 25 years, providing educational, residential and employment services to children and adults affected by autism. He is also the Director of Clinical Services for New York Families of Autistic Children (NYFAC), a private not-for-profit organization providing support and training for children and families in New York City. He provides private consultation to organizations, schools and families regarding staff training, parent training, home support services, classroom design/support and behavior management/assessment. 

Dr. Ball is also a past member of the Autism New Jersey (formally known as the New Jersey Center for Outreach and Services for the Autism Community [COSAC]) Board of Trustees and a member of the Autism New Jersey Professional Advisory Board. He is currently the chair of the Autism Society's National Board of Directors and has served as the co-chair of Autism Society's Panel of Professional Advisors. He also sits on the advisory board for the Autism Asperger's Digest magazine. Dr. Ball has lectured nationally and internationally on various topics related to autism, such as early intervention, inclusion services, functional behavior assessment, social skills training, behavior management, direct instruction, sensory issues and accountability. He has published in many of the above areas and authored the award-winning breakthrough book Early Intervention and Autism: Real-Life Questions, Real-Life Answers.

Dr. Ball has won numerous awards, including NYFAC's Autism Inspiration Award, Autism Society's Literary Work of the Year Award for his manual on social security and employment for individuals with autism spectrum disorders, and Autism New Jersey's highest honor, their Distinguished Service Award. 

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