The Carino's Foundation

October 26, 2009

As we were walking off the 18th green, I had a sense of joy come over me knowing that we just completed the 11th Annual Carino’s Foundation Charity Golf Classic raising $225,000 for various charities throughout our restaurant markets. The participation was encouraging considering the economy and the pressure companies and individuals are under to tighten their expenses. The weather was perfect, the course and the scenery were incredible and we all had a great time.

The night before the tournament we were honored to hear from three of the charities we sponsor through the Carino’s Foundation. Jana Kay, Head of Training and Development at Marbridge Foundation, spoke about their equine program for special need residents at Marbridge. The funding from our charity created the Golden Stirrup Event for special needs equine riders throughout the state, held for the first time at the Star of Texas Rodeo in Austin last year.

Later in the evening, Kent Burress spoke about the Carino’s Family Room at the Austin Ronald McDonald House, made possible by donations from the Carino’s Foundation. The Carino’s Family Room provides a warming space for families while their children are being treated at Dell’s Children’s Hospital.

Finally, James Poysky talked about another of our beneficiaries, the Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy (PPMD), working for the cure for Duchenne. As you read in earlier posts, we honored Zack Stark by dedicating this year’s tournament in his name. James spoke of Zack who passed away this September at age 22 from Duchenne. Zack was an inspiration to all of us; his love for life, his passion for painting and his support for other boys struggling with the disease were truly incredible. James also shared his personal story of dealing with Duchenne in his family when they found out their young son had Duchenne at the age of two. He gave us an update of the ways PPMD is working with groups to find cures and how they best utilize their resources in the fight against Duchenne.

Along with the celebration of giving, we also honored our vendors by presenting the Vendor of the Year Award to National Food & Beverage. Aaron Edelen accepted the award, along with Johnny Lee Stanley, for National Food & Beverage who provides Carino’s seasoned oil and garlic.

Our vendors are true partners in our mission to provide the best Italian cuisine possible.

To all our vendors, charities, staff and guests, thank you for making this event a true success


October 12, 2009

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the Carino’s Charitable Foundation, and as you know we contribute to organizations whose sole purpose is to help people, especially children, have a better life. Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy is one of those organizations that we have supported for years.

Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy is dedicated to finding a cure for Duchenne’s and supporting the families that are affected by this disease.  Duchenne’s is a form of muscular dystrophy affecting young boys, restricting their life expectancy to their mid-teens.  Fired Up's Co-Founder Norman Abdallah had a nephew named Zack who was diagnosed with Duchenne’s at age five.  Zack passed away in early September at the young of age 22.  Zack lived his life fully, with a zest and determination that was inspiring and did not see himself as “disabled” person.  He enjoyed his artwork, his friends and family, but also helped support other boys struggling with Duchenne’s.   

On October 14 we will hold our 11th annual charity golf tournament and this year we will dedicate the tournament to Zack.  Zack is an inspiration to all of us at Carino’s.


Also in celebration of our 10th anniversary, we have introduced Carino’s Cares.  This will serve as the giving arm of the Carino’s Charitable Foundation.  Carino’s Cares was introduced with a “Give Back” Day at the Restaurant Support Center where all our staff members were encouraged to volunteer at one of our local Austin charities during a work weekday.  You will be hearing more about Carino’s Cares through updates on this blog and at your local Carino’s.
We would like to thank all of you including our team members, guests and counterparts for everything you do in the local Carino’s communities to continue to give back.