The Carino's Foundation

September 17, 2009

Welcome to the first post on our newly created Carino's Foundation blog.  After years of wanting to take our story to the masses, we finally have everything together and have created a place where we can share our experiences and stories of helping out our local communities.  From corporate fundraising initiatives organized at the Restaurant Support Center in Austin to local helping hands in our communities, this blog will hopefully inform you of all that is going on with the Carino's Foundation and motivate you and others to take apart in our cause-related efforts.

The Carino's Foundation has been around since the inception of Fired Up, Inc. (the mother company of the Carino's Italian brand), so we are not new by any means.  However, we have felt that our voice has not been loud enough and this blog will help our outreach to all of the Carino's friends, family and partners. 

As of this summer, the Carino's Foundation has raised over $2.4 million for charities across the United States.  That's only since 1997, so we are just getting started.  We could not have raised this much money without the love, support and dedication from our team, great customers and the best vendors in the world.  We understand the grips of the economy, and that times are tough in this day and age; however, we will keep marching forward to helping the communities that support Carino's.

In the future this blog will evolve with...

  • Videos from all of our events
  • Online Donations
  • Up to Date Event Information
  • Helpful Resources that will inform you on how to get involved

Also, we will be honoring a "Carino's Champion" once every three months.  This can be a person, group or organization that has taken the extra step in helping their community.  This Champion can be a Carino's team member, vendor, customer or just someone that cares!  The gesture does not have to be big or elaborate (it definitely can be though), but most of all impactful.  If you would like to nominate someone of their efforts, please send their story to

At any time if you want to reach out to us, tell us how we are doing or just reach out and say Hi!; feel free to contact us here or on email at

Thank you again for your time and efforts for our cause (and please come back and comment often).